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Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive window tint adds style and elegance to your vehicle. Protecting and enhancing your investment is what customized window tinting solutions provide. Reduce glare from the sun and maximize your privacy. 

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  Residential Window Tinting

Enhance your home's presentation and reduce the amount of heat that pours into your house through your bare windows. Residential window tinting is very cost effective because it not only reduces heat it is UV protective and helps to cut down on the fading of your furniture, floors, rugs and curtains. 

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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is a wonderful way to boost the presentation of your business. Protect your equipment, computers and employees from dangerous UV rays. Reduce glare and add additional comfort with the heat reduction that commercial window tint provides. 

Automotive, Residential and Commercial Window Tinting



Improve comfort in your vehicle, home or at work with customized window tinting solutions.

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Blending Aesthetics & Performance 

The autobahn Black line offers a sophisticated style through a blend of aesthetics and value in mind. Black is a color-stable deep-dyed film – second to none in color stable dye technology on the market. Of course Black also causes no interference with radio frequencies or electronic control systems.

Total Solar Energy Rejected
Ultraviolet Rejection
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Nano-Ceramic Technology

Built on proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology, autobahn Black Ceramic offers virtually no low-angle haze present in some other ‘large particle’ dispersion films as well as contains a blend of type and size of ceramics that provide broad-spectrum infrared rejection rather than a simple technology that may have high infrared rejection but only within a narrow bandwidth.

Total Solar Energy Rejected
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Infrared Rejection
Ultraviolet Rejection


Maximum Clarity and Visibility

With the addition of autobahn Air Ceramic, you may now have the high light transmission, low reflectivity, and high heat rejection you need in certain circumstances within the industry-best warranty by autobahn. While being virtually clear when applied on glass, autobahn Air Ceramic 80 nano-ceramic technology eliminates nearly all UV radiation and almost half of the Total Solar Energy!

Total Solar Energy Rejected
Infrared Rejection
Ultraviolet Rejection
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Perfect Blend of Performance, Durability, & Clarity

The latest innovation in Nano-Ceramic Technology!  i3 Ceramic provides excellent heat rejection, color, and clarity. i3 Ceramic is a multi-layer Ceramic and is backed by autobahn’s™ lifetime No-Hassle Warranty.

Total Solar Energy Rejected
Infrared Rejection
Ultraviolet Rejection
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Heat Shield Window Tinting provides various grades of film that you can choose from, and we also have a variety of tint percentages that you may want for your personalized tint solution. Our high performance window tint will maximize the overall look and style of your vehicle, home or office. 

Autobahn and Hüper Optik Automotive, Residential, and Commercial Window Films go above and beyond performance level to ensure comfort, privacy, and protection while riding in your vehicle or sitting in your home or office. In addition automotive, residential, or commercial window tint helps to prevent fading and extends the life of your vehicles interior and your living room furniture. Window tint in all forms reduces the amount of glare, and protects your skin from harmful UV rays that your skin is exposed to while you are riding in your car, truck, SUV or sitting watching television. Improve the look of your vehicle, home, or office and your everyday experience by calling Heat Shield Window Tinting and scheduling an appointment to have your windows tinted today.

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